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Hedge size

The size of cedar hedge requires a sharp eye and good knowledge in horticulture. Since we are able to work at high elevations, we can cut the highest and most difficult hedges. We usually cut both sides as well as the top, according to agreement beforehand. It is best to prune the hedge yearly and repeatedly.

Why hire a professional?

It is important to do business with a professional team because the size of the hedge requires a lot of knowledge and technical skills. It is advisable to trim the hedge rounded so that the hedge cannot open under the weight of the snow during the winter season. For a hedge trimming, we trim the shoots that grew during the year, which tends to stimulate regrowth. The more we trim, the more dense the hedge will become. During the first few trims, we will start to form the hedge to delineate its structure at maturity. Subsequently, we will work the density of the hedge by performing repeated yearly trims. The size of a beautiful cedar hedge is a long-term project.

When is it better to prune?

The best time to prune a cedar hedge is between the beginning of June and the end of September. In general, do not prune from October on because we have to give a chance to the new regrowth to be lignified in order to survive the winter. Depending on the weather, it is sometimes possible to prune at the beginning of October but this is case by case.



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