Inspection and monitoring of your trees

Inspection services and tree monitoring Montreal

Inspection and monitoring of your trees

The inspection and monitoring of your trees is important because it is possible to anticipate and prevent potential problems. If you notice sudden changes in your tree's health, a sudden decline, or are planning to do work near your tree, inspection and advice on your trees is an option that is more than feasible.

Phytosanitary inspection of the tree

Without being able to speak, the tree shares the condition that it’s in by various physical factors that can be observed. A level of stress caused by a lack of water, nutrients in its soil or by a parasitic attack can be noticeable. During an inspection of the tree, we inspect the condition of the trunk, the neck of the tree, its branches, and the condition of its leaves and the possible detection of insects or pathogens. Depending on these inspected elements, it is possible to deduce a potential deficiency in the tree and remedy the situation in order to make the tree safe and healthy.

Benefits of monitoring our trees

In general, I often compare the tree to a young child. Like him, the tree must be guided and structured in its first years. The tree believes and advocates its growth towards the essentials for good health, such as sunshine, good hydration and nutrients. The younger the tree, the easier it is to train it to its adult structure. Regular follow-ups from the time of planting allows us to carry out several interventions which will have a positive impact on its health, and which will aim to correct structural problems for years to come. Repeated inspection over the years helps to anticipate possible problems and to address them.

Conservation and protection of trees

Construction projects and land reclamation are a major cause of stress for your trees in urban areas. An excavation near the root system of the tree or just the circulation of machinery near the trunk have adverse impacts on the health of trees. The root system of the tree is much more imposing than one might think and there is often negligence as to the means of protection of this system. Often, the disease is only visible a few years later when the decline of the tree is already set in. There are ways to protect the tree when working nearby in order to maintain the tree's health. We are familiar with these procedures.



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