Tree Bracing

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Service tree bracing with rope in Montreal

Tree Bracing

The purpose of Tree Bracing is to solidify branches with structural failures. This technique is generally used when there is a crotch. This intervention makes it possible to preserve the tree and to secure its branches so as to preserve its structural whole. It is a technique that does not harm the tree and allows the conservation of the tree, safely.

There are 2 ways of tree bracing depending on the issues involved;

Rigid Tree Bracing

When a crack is detected on the tree at the trunk level, we can install rigid metal rods to prevent the crack from opening and breaking. In he majority of cases, the installation of metal rods at the trunk level requires the installation of a BOA type high brace in the tree which will ensure the securing of high branches. It is important to choose galvanized steel rods and not to opt for zinc metal rods as this element is toxic to the tree.

Flexible Tree Bracing

When installing rigid rods, we must install a system of flexible high braces. This allows for strengthening of the tree while allowing the tree to move in the wind. The dynamism of the tree and its flexibility are key factors to avoid breakage. A static tree will tend to break under high winds. It is possible, according to the pre-inspection of the shaft, to install only a flexible high brace. Everything depends on the situation and the inspection that will be done beforehand.

What is recommended to do

When installing braces, it is important to lighten the weight of the branches involved. In this context, remediation pruning is necessary. By removing weight on the branches, we facilitate the work of the brace and reduce the hold on the branches in the wind. The combination of these interventions will help the tree heal better.



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