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Tree plantation

Planting a tree is a good long-term investment. It is important to choose the right tree and plant it in the right place while keeping in mind its size at maturity. It is important to provide the right tools to our future plantation otherwise it is stressful for the tree in question. It may take almost 2 years before the new plantation is well established.

Choosing the tree

It may seem difficult to choose a tree. Most of the time, the choice of the tree is only an aesthetic choice. But the choice must be made according to more stringent criteria. Beauty is one thing, but we must take a long-term look at our choice for planting. The planting location and the choice of tree for the area that is available to us can be a challenge. The height of the mature tree, its structure, its density of foliage and the surrounding obstacles should be taken into consideration. The golden rule is: "The right tree in the right place".

Preparation of the pit

The pit where the tree will be planted is one of the most important aspects if not the most. This pit will decide how well the tree will recover. Nothing should be improvised. The depth of the pit, its width, the organic matter, the earth which is used, the mycorrhiza and good hydration are important elements of a good plantation pit. We care about the future of our urban forest and apply the proper techniques for the optimal recovery of your trees during planting.

Planting the tree

The tree will have to be planted according to its current structure. It is possible for us to orient it so as to choose the direction of growth of its future branches based on its current structure. Its positioning and embankment are important. It is also important to protect the tree during transportation to limit the contact between the leaves and the wind. There are 2 best times to plant a tree; either in the spring before buds grow or in the fall between when the tree loses its leaves and when the soil freezes. The goal is to carry out the plantation at the time the tree is dormant. It is possible to plant a tree at another time if the tree shows good signs of health and comes from a good nursery and has been well maintained.

Helping the tree recover as well as possible

When all the elements during the preparation of the pit as well as during the planting are met, we are able to help the tree be well hydrated by installing a vat of mulch at the base of the freshly planted tree. , without harming its neck. This allows for good hydration of the tree since the mulch keeps the moisture longer and also prevents the growth of weeds that could benefit the elements of the planting pit.

As far as staking is concerned, we do not recommend the use of this technique. Although it is inked in our brains, it has been proven that an un-staked tree will have deeper roots because the tree will be subjected to different external stresses. This will make the tree stronger and stronger in the long run. During a good plantation, once the soil is well compacted in layers, the tree will grow to be strong. Of course, there are some situations where it is best to install a stake. If it is a very windy site, a steep slope or the tree has a strong development of branches but few roots. In these situations, it is best to install a stake while not damaging the root system.


When the tree is planted, it is important not to perform any sculpting for the next 2 years. The tree needs all its foliage to perform its photosynthesis and therefore lay its root system. In addition, we do not want the tree to use its energy to compartmentalize an injury. Only branches broken during transport should be shortened or removed depending on the situation.



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