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MC Tree Service

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Mc Tree Service is a young company of professionals specializing in the field of Arboriculture. We started in early 2015 and have since grown phenomenally. All our employees are graduates of the Laval Horticultural Training Center (DEP in arboriculture - pruning). This guarantees a high level of quality in the maintenance and understanding of your plant. We guarantee customer satisfaction and the quality and accuracy of our work.

We strictly follow the regulations of the Bureau de normalization du Québec, which guide our practices in a professional manner and ensure a quality standard. However, at Mc Tree Service, we set our bar even higher by offering comprehensive services aimed at minimizing citizen intervention. We take care of everything. With Mc Tree Service, you'll buy peace of mind.

We offer our wide range of services to private, municipal as well as corporate clients. We try to get you a free quote within a 48 hour period, depending on our common availabilities. We serve the North Shore of Montreal, the Montreal area and the South Shore. We never ask for prepayment and only send the invoice when the work is completed, this way, we make sure the work is up to your expectations!

Centenary tree felling by a team of professionnals

Why choose us?

The experience and the professionalism of our work teams are up to your expectations. We distinguish ourselves by the quality of our work, customer service and our unbeatable prices. We have $ 2,000,000 third-party liability insurance and our employees are covered by CNESST insurance combined with private disability and health insurance.

By doing business with MC Tree service, you buy peace of mind and the assurance of a job well done, quality. Our services are offered in the form of "Satisfaction Guaranteed".

Feel free to contact the MC Tree service team for a quick and free quote. Our advice will help you in the development of future work.