Tree pruning

Pruning trees and branches in Montreal
Pruning service and branch cutting in Montreal

Tree pruning

Pruning consists of cutting certain branches of a tree to keep the tree healthy. This is usually done to the whole tree.

Trimming, meanwhile, is the action of cutting the branches of the treetops. In certain circumstances we can do a trimming, but it is an intervention that is mostly not encouraged.

When working on your trees, it is important to call a professional who will make a complete diagnosis of your tree to be able to advise you as to the required interventions.

Role of the Pruner

Trees are necessary specimens in our urban environment. They provide many advantages, such as the reduction of heat pockets, the transformation of carbon dioxide into oxygen, etc. The pruner aims to help the tree blend into the urban environment. As much for the safety of the habitants living nearby as for the acclimatization to its restricted space. The pruner will be able to detect dead or dangerous branches that can cause breakage or injury and will clear branches from buildings, parking lots and balconies so as to damage the tree as little as possible. It should be understood that the tree naturally does not need help to grow but that we are here only to help acclimatize the tree to our urban environment in a safe way. The pruner knows the features of the tree and will intervene safely and professionally.

Circumstances where pruning is necessary

Generally most prunings are done preventively. By pruning, we can anticipate breakage of weak, dead and sick branches. In addition, we can clear the neighboring infrastructure so as not to damage them. When you notice branches that do not have leaves during the leafing period, hanging branches that can fall on cars or pedestrians, the appearance of mushrooms near the trunk of the tree on the ground or even in higher or even branches rubbing on the roof, window or balconies, it is imperative that a pruning is take place. Thus, during high winds, your tree will have a much better chance of not breaking and remaining intact. If you are an owner and you are unsure about the condition of your tree, I strongly urge you to call an evaluator who will travel at no cost to make a diagnosis.

Is there a good time to prune?

In general, there is no best time to prune. According to several findings over time, we try not to prune when there are no leaves in the tree. For the simple reason that it is more difficult to see the amount of dead wood in a tree when there are no leaves. However, we can always come to solve urgent problems caused by meteorological factors, such as ice and wind for example. However, to ensure the quality of the pruning work, it is best to wait for the opening of the buds to start pruning. Similarly, during the spring sap rise, it is not recommended to perform cuts / interventions in the tree because a greater than usual flow of sap could attract insects and fungus spores. Always keep in mind that a cut made in a tree is an open wound which can attract fungal and insect spores. It goes without saying that we must make quality cuts to promote good compartmentalization of the wounds of the tree.

The advantage of MC Tree Service

With our team, you can be sure that we will take care of your trees as if they were ours. Arboriculture is a passion, and every member of our team shares this passion. The fact that each pruner is certified ensures the quality of the work and the desire for a job well done. During a consultation with a member of MC Tree Service, we will be able to guide you from beginning to end in the maintenance of your trees.



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