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I enjoyed doing business with Mathieu. I find his attitude very professional and I found that he explains very well what he will undertake and why, which is very reassuring. He would have liked to be able to save my mountain ash using new techniques, but the city inspector said that he must unfortunately be shot. I highly recommend Mathieu!

Caroline Chaussée

A good "psychological" investment for those who like to see the sky, the sun and ... the full moon! Mathieu Casavant masters his art perfectly. He works conscientiously. He knows what he's doing, he's doing it very well. He does not hesitate to teach (offer him coffee and snack!), Pass on his knowledge and give his opinion, tips, advice. Very happy of my court!

Katherine Cordeau

I wanted more sun, but without damaging the two trees that were pruning. The professionalism of Mathieu inspired me with confidence. The work was very well done and at a very reasonable price. I recommend you Pruning M.C. without hesitation. Thank you Mathieu

Alexandra Passaro

I did business with MC tree service for the felling of 2 trees. The contact was very professional, while being nice. They respected the submission and the deadlines, the work was clean and safe. I recommend this company.

Feng Ding

Elagage's Mathieu Casavant was professional, punctual, honest and reliable and did a wonderful job pruning our trees, at a reasonable price. I highly recommend this company for tree pruning

Dr. Caroline Reinhold

Excellent experience! Matthieu Casavant is a pruner of experience, listening to his client and performs a neat work, I highly recommend!

Sylvain Leblanc

We were given excellent service. The size was done very professionally and the places were completely cleaned after the size of our hedge.

Jocelyne Séguin

Very professional work performed brilliantly and urgently. The work was done meticulously, without breaks and with great professionalism.

Robert Wagner

Why choose us?

At MC Tree Service, we work primarily on string support. All of our employees have graduated with a DEP in the Arboriculture-Pruning program and we respect BNQ standards. These standards ensure a good quality of work.

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