Tree stump removal

Tree stump removal in Montreal
Tree stump removal in Montreal and Laval
Remove a tree stump

Tree stump removal

After a felling, a stump remains in the ground. There are several ways to remove a stump, but the method that we use is one that does the least damage on the ground and is an effective method for readjusting the ground. A machine is used to trim the stump and the surrounding roots to a depth close to one foot deep.

The benefits of the techniques used by MC Tree Service

There are several advantages to using a stump trimmer. Not using chemicals to help break down wood is important in order to avoid chemical residue flowing into the ground as well as in the ground water. In addition, the mixture of wood chips and soil after trimming is a very good natural fertilizer, which can be used as mulch at the base of cedar hedges for example. The stump trimming technique makes it possible to target a particular work area, allowing the conservation of the root systems of the surrounding species as well as the layers of organic matter in the rhizosphere.

What is included in our service

When trimming stumps, several pieces of wood chips are formed. Our services include collecting these wood chips and filling the pit with good planting soil. Should you decide to close the hole with wood chips, it is possible that the wood will make the soil acidic when it decomposes. In addition, the ground will start to sink as the space occupied by the wood chips will reduce over time. With this in mind, we recommend extracting the wood chips and filling the pit with good soil. It is even possible to sow later, or to apply turf, depending on your preferences. We offer a turnkey service allowing you to fully enjoy your lawn.



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At MC Tree Service, we work primarily on string support. All of our employees have graduated with a DEP in the Arboriculture-Pruning program and we respect BNQ standards. These standards ensure a good quality of work.

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