Pruning involves cutting some branches to improve the health of your tree.


Entrust the felling of a tree to our team of professionals.

Stump Removal

Avoid back pain. Our team quickly removes the stumps from your field.

Tree bracing

Tree bracing makes it possible to solidify the branches of a tree and to secure it

Inspection and monitoring of your trees

Inspection et suivi des arbres dans la région de Montréal.

Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald ash borer: Diagnosis and treatment by experts

Hedge Trimming

Need a hand to trim your cedar hedges?


Tree planting service, shrubs and cedar hedges.

Soil composition and biological fertilization

Soil composition analysis and biological fertilization services.

Why choose us?

At MC Tree Service, we work primarily on string support. All of our employees have graduated with a DEP in the Arboriculture-Pruning program and we respect BNQ tandards. These standards ensure a good quality of work.

Do not hesitate to contact the MC Tree Service team for a free consultation.